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The siding is the protective covering or outside layer of your house which helps to protect and maintain the integrity and beauty of your home. If you notice something out of the ordinary or would like to update the look of your home call us today at (913) 444-2342 for your free quote.

When to consider replacing the siding on your home?

Siding replacement is an important activity that should be considered carefully. Replacing the siding will make your home look good, at the same time provide better protection against vulnerability to climate changes. Our experts will help you examine the factors you should consider before replacing your siding. For instance, age of the house, weather conditions, location of the house and more.

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The Age of Your House

One factor that determines how long your siding can last is the age of your home. Those who have lived in their homes for many years may have noticed some changes especially in their home’s siding. If you’re seeing signs of wear and tear on the outside of your home it may be time for siding replacement.

Weather Conditions In Your Area

You may be able to determine if your siding needs replacement based on weather conditions alone. If you live in places where there are lots of storms and heavy rains, this can cause damage to your home which could includes corroding, rotting, and cracking. Along with other problems, water seeping through your home’s siding could make it easy for mold to grow, which we all know is bad. In this case, your siding may have been damaged especially if it’s made of wood.

What are the benefits of siding replacement?

Replacing the siding on your home is one of the most cost effective ways to increase the value, beauty, and performance of your home. Siding replacement can be used as an opportunity for homeowners to improve their homes’ curb appeal. The price tag associated with siding replacement is significantly lower than that of other large home renovations such as kitchen or bathroom upgrades.

How much does siding replacement cost?

Siding replacement costs will depend on the material used, size of the house and condition of existing siding. On average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 – $14,050 for siding replacement according to HomeAdvisor. For a more accurate quote for your unique situation you can contact Total Home Renovations for a free quote in the Kansas City area.

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As a leading siding replacement contractor in Kansas City, our team of professionals are able to help you get your home looking better than ever. We offer free estimates for each of the homes that we work with which allows us to provide you with an accurate quote before any services are performed. Have additional questions about our siding replacement services?  Contact us today!

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