Bathing Area


This area of your bathroom is generally the most time inefficient part when remodeling your bathroom. There are several material options that can be used when remodeling this area, some being tile, acrylic, pvc composite, natural stone, and engineered stone. All great options, however, not all of them can be completed in a timely manner at an affordable price.


Quick and Efficient Bathing Systems:


PVC Composite – If you’re looking for the durability and cosmetic appeal PVC composite is an excellent choice. This material can be installed in custom and standard sizes.


Engineered Stone – Engineered stone is a great way to remodel your bathing area when you’re looking for durability and efficiency. The companies that make engineered stone generally have 20+ color options. 




Vinyl Planks Vinyl planks are the latest flooring alternative that appear to be a natural wood floor. These are also known for being waterproof with the interlock system that manufacturers use to hold the flooring in place. Depending on the look that you’re going for, vinyl planks provide an efficient solution for your bathroom floor!


Vinyl Sheet – Vinyl sheet flooring has been utilizd for years during new construction as well as during a bathroom remodel. With many color options, Vinyl sheet flooring is a quick, affordable solution for any bathroom remodeling project.


Vinyl Interlock Tiles – Interlock tiles are similar to vinyl planks but come in squares instead. These are a great affordable option if you like the look of tile but don’t have availability for someone to be in your bathroom long enough to complete a tile job.




Change the vanity top only – only changing the vanity top allows efficiency and affordability due to the limited amount of labor involved!


DIY Vanity – DIY vanities are a quick and efficient way to give your bathroom significant cosmetic appeal!