Entry Door Replacement in Kansas City

When it comes to entry door replacement in Kansas City, Total Home Renovations can meet your needs. Entry doors are often one of the first components to show signs of wear and tear. A new entry door from our renovation experts will not only make a great impression on visitors but also improve home security and energy savings.


Why should you replace your entry door with a new one?

A new entry door provides several benefits for your home. The investment will add extra curb appeal to your home, which is always nice to have when you’re ready to put your home on the market. While a new door does add value to your property, its other benefits can be enjoyed by you and your family for many years.

A new front door from Total Home Renovations will provide better energy savings that will help cut down on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. You can also enjoy improved security with a heavy-duty door that will protect against forced entry while providing peace of mind.

Entry door replacement has consistently been ranked as one of the top investments you can make in your home, producing an average ROI of 74.9%. Your doors are the most used element of your home’s exterior. No matter your vision, Total Home Renovations brings your entry door to life!

beautiful home entry door with pumpkins

How to quickly tell if your entry door needs replacing?

If the front door to your home is older than eight years old, it may be time to replace it with a new one and call Total Home Renovations. A new front door will immediately remedy any types of damage that may be beyond repair on your existing door. A new entry door can also save you money on energy costs for heating and cooling because it will not allow as much cool air to escape during the hot Kansas City summers and warm air to escape during the chilly Kansas City winters!

How much does a new entry door cost?

When your door is old enough, it may start to warp or rot, which can make it more susceptible to damage or even insect infestation. Entry door replacement in Kansas City typically costs $950 to $1,200 for new doors. If you choose a more expensive model, such as an insulated steel door, then your total cost will be around $2,000 or more.

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Our door replacement and installation services include:

  • Material and installation
  • Full-frame door replacement
  • Access to major door brands and custom wood front doors
  • Doors are custom ordered to fit your home
  • Dedicated door technician and crew
  • Work with existing openings, enlarge openings, or create new door openings in walls
  • Transform window openings to door openings

We do not offer door panel replacement or interior door services.

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