1. Keep plumbing where it is

Moving the plumbing during a renovation can be costly. Using existing piping will save you significantly. Moving things like the toilet or the bathing area are certainly an expensive task. Outside of these things, if your general contractor uses a plumber who charges by the hour, it’s just going to drive the cost upward.

2. Don’t change the size layout of your bathroom

Changing the size layout of a bathroom can involve moving plumbing, electrical, or even load-bearing walls. All of these things traditionally increase the cost of remodeling. Keeping the size layout the same can save you thousands! You can change the floorplan and take the necessary action to make your bathroom appear to be larger.

3. Replace the vanity top

Replacing a whole vanity can be costly with drywall work, painting, as well as the cost of a new vanity ($500-$1500). By only changing the top you can ease your budget on your next bathroom remodel. There are many options for just changing the vanity top, granite, onyx collection, laminate, etc. Replacing the vanity top adds to the cosmetic appeal of the bathroom but also can help keep remodeling costs down.

4. DIY your vanity

There are many places where you can find used vanities (Craigslist, eBay, Etc…). Finding a vanity yourself and installing can help you budget for your bathroom remodel. Be sure to choose correct sizes otherwise it can change the whole look of the bathroom.

5. Use tile alternatives

Tiling is a wonderful option to add cosmetic appeal to your bathroom, however, the labor-intense art can be costly. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom on a budget, other options like manufactured wall surrounds and wainscoting might be a viable option for you. Not to mention, grout is a breeding ground for mold. Mold needs two things to grow, a food source, and a water source. With the moisture levels in the bathroom and the dead skin cells that end up everywhere in the bathing area, it is common for mold spores to grow within the grouted area. 

6. Consider open standing shelves

Open shelving can create the illusion that your bathroom is larger than it really is. Building Enclosed shelves can be costly and can remove cosmetic appeal to the bathroom. These can be found at local home improvement stores or even other places online. Be sure to make sure the color of the shelf ties in with your shower color as well as your flooring for maximum cosmetic appeal.

7. Paint it yourself

Painting your bathroom yourself could be a great way to save hundreds. One reason is that remodelers generally have specialization in more intense trades aside from painting so they will generally charge you a larger dollar amount to paint. The second reason is that when you’re only painting one room and you aren’t painting in bulk, it can reflect a higher cost per square foot of paint.

As you can see there are many ways to save money when remodeling your bathroom, you just have to make sure that you cross all of your t’s and dot all of your I’s when doing so. If any of this information is misunderstood, a professional at Total Home Renovations would be glad to clarify anything necessary.